"Handmade Lamps": An Open Source Design Project from Greece! Share away!

Yiannis Katsanos is an architect from Athens, Greece. After his studies in Greece and Florence, he returned to Greece in a difficult time for the country. Design and travel is his life and he now presents his new project that needs your help.

“I try to design objects based on everyday moments, always keeping in mind the value of classic with the innovation of modern. I really love working on models. It’s an opportunity for me to realize that I can create these objects on my own and that they can have a beautiful result, both aesthetically and ergonomically. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, all of which I’ve really loved. The experience of getting to know different cultures, making friends from different countries, and exploring different cities has been incredibly rewarding. It has been the motivation for me to transform city elements into everyday objects. My first attempt at the marriage of these two ideas is a series of handmade lamps, crafted entirely from sustainable materials. I used paper, wood, and glass for this series.»

He presents his project “HandMade Lamps” in Rockthepost.com and explains what drove him to work with design and Open Source. During these difficult economically times Yiannis needs your funding to continue to work on his project. Inspired by traveling, cities and the Open Source Philosophy, Yiannis creates hand made lamps and works on OpenSource Design!

“Open Source Design describes a network of people that are familiar with the terms of design and will be able to transmit their knowledge to people that want to create their own projects.

A team of architects, Industrial designers, Graphic designers and model makers will be formed in order to provide all of the required information.

Let’s assume that a user would like to create a lamp. He would be able to choose from a variety of designs on the network or contact the designers with his own idea. Blueprints and photos will be available at any time, along with instructions and video walkthroughs. If the user would like extra help, assistance will be provided for free through emails, Skype calls, or even in person if the user is located in the same city as the designer.»

Visit now Yiannis project and see if you can help in any way!

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